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   Working with LAB

LAB is a playwright first company. You get a dedicated team focused on bringing your work to life. We work in direct collaboration with you. Your voice, your opinions, and most importantly your help, shapes how we bring your life to work. 

Submission info & Requirements

We are currently accepting new work. We will accept one submission per playwright for a full-length work and comedic short. Sending multiple scripts to us will result in none of them being read. We want to read what you feel is your best work that you seek for us to produce.


  • Unproduced work only. Staged or even concert reads are acceptable in the production history. Produced, even in community theater, makes the work ineligable for submission to LAB.

  • LAB runs on a calendar year season, January to December.  

What to submit

For all submissions, please provide in the body of your email a 100 word playwright bio, a 100 word synopsis of your play, and production/development history of the work. You can submit through the button below or directly to

  • For full-length work, please provide: A PDF document with the title page, scene breakdown, character breakdown and only the first 20 pages of your script. Submissions received by April 1st will be considered for the next season. Those recieved afterwards will be held for consideration for the following season. 

  • For comedic short submissions to our annual LAB Laughs/Comedic Short Festival, please submit a PDF of the full play.  Submissions received by August 1st will be considered for the next production of LAB Laughs, usually in the following summer. All received afterwards will be held for the next season.

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