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Come grow as an artist with LAB

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"If you're not working, then you should be studying."   

                                                                       -Don Cheadle


"The Callback: how to close the deal and get the role."

This two-day workshop, May 20 & 27 from 10 am to 1 pm for each session will deepen your technique, help you understand the callback process, and have more confidence in your choices. This class is facilitated by Owen Robertson & Katie Calahan. This is an in-person class and attendance for both sessions is mandatory

WHERE: LAB Theater Project

$120 for the course.


"An Actor Prepares"

This six-part course will help actors hone and develop the foundational skills necessary for any actor. Students will work on Given Circumstances, Objectives, Actions, Emotional and Sense Memory, Imagination, and working with their full instrument. The course draws from Stanislavski, Misner, and Chubbuck techniques. Saturdays, 11 am to 1 pm, June 10 through July 15. Attendance for all six sessions is required.

WHERE: LAB Theater Project

$250 for the course.


"Real Emotions"

This six-session advanced acting course is designed for the actor who wants to learn a process that delivers real emotions, a process from which they can have an honest, consistent, powerful, and emotional connection to a role and their fellow actor. Tired of “faking” it, this is the class for you. Want to learn how to connect so deeply that your audience cannot look away, then this is the class for you. This class is rooted in the Chubbuck technique. Saturdays, 2 pm to 4 pm, June 10 through July 15Attendance for all six sessions is required. Registration is limited to six students.


WHERE: LAB Theater Project

$250 for the course.


Private Lessons: LAB offers year round private sessions to artists interested in growing their practice as a theater artist. The content of these lessons are agreed upon by the instructor and the student. Possible content for private lessons might include audition preparation, monologue help, vocal coaching, character study, or even supplementing an actor's work on a particular show. Schedule for these lessons are agreed upon between student and instructor and are held at LAB. Cost for lessons are $50 per hour.    


"Project Greenlight"

Returns! Every Monday from 7 pm to 9 pm EST, June 5 through August 28, LAB brings its intensive playwriting/screenwriting workshop back. Imagine bringing a story to a workshop and in twelve weeks having a finished draft that gets read by professional actors in front of decision makers that could move your idea into further development. That is what The Project Greenlight writing workshop does at LAB. You work with LAB’s founder and playwright, Owen Robertson, alongside award-winning mentors guiding your project every step of the way. This workshop produced our hit production in 2021, The Wendy House, and one of this year’s favorite shorts in LAB Laughs, Read the Sign Florida Man. Registration is limited to six students. This class is held via zoom until the final reading, which is live at LAB. 

WHERE: Via Zoom (the final session is a staged reading of your script at LAB Theater).

$500 for the course.

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