Come grow as an artist with LAB

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"You're Hired: An Audition Skills Workshop"

When: Sundays,  6-8:30 pm, October 3, 10, & 17 2021. 

Cost: $120 per student 

This three day workshop takes the student beyond "coaching" an existing monologue teaching the skills and professionalism to book the job. Students will thoroughly explore monologues that have produced results for actors as well as hear from experienced actors how they prepared the monologues. Students will learn how to examine the text of a monologue, to make choices in their monologue, tell the story, and learn to make strong character choices, memorable ones. Additionally, students will end up with at least two monologues in their "back pocket" that they can audition with, and be  confident and certain that they have prepared and worked the monologue to the very best of their ability.  

"Text and Technique: A Drop-in Weekly Workshop"

When: Mondays, 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Beginning November 1, 2021. 

Cost: $25 per session 

These weekly classes will vary in subject matter and focus each week. The idea behind these classes is for actors to work with a schedule that works for them. Whether it is a prepared scene or monologue, improv, new text or raw scenes from new playwrights. Everyone will have an opportunity to work. Each week is a self contained experience and while content may build week to week, it isn't a requirement for any student to attend consecutively. The goal is to deepen our practice together, to work and experiment together, and build our community while growing as an artist. No matter your experience you are sure to have a good productive learning experience in these classes. All are welcome, not just actors. We welcome budding directors too. Wouldn't you love to practice your craft with some new talent, make new connections along the way? Sure you would, so come out and join us on Monday nights starting in November. 

"Six Lessons in Acting and Directing"

When: Beginning late January 2022. 

Cost: $250 per student 

Students will engage in a six week course exploring the fundamental building blocks of acting and directing: Concentration, memory of emotion, dramatic action, characterization, observation, and rhythm. This class is the perfect stepping stone for theater artists wanting to make the leap into the professional world. Whether you are an actor or a director, come work with experienced professionals who will give you the tools necessary to deepen your practice as a theater artist.  

"Real Emotions: An Advanced Acting Course"

When: Beginning in late March 2022 

Cost: $250 per student 

This six week long advanced acting course is designed for the actor who wants to learn a process that delivers real emotions, a process from which they can have honest consistent powerful emotional connection to a role and their fellow actor. Tired of "faking" it, then this is the class for you. Want to learn how to connect so deeply that your audience cannot look away, then this is definitely the class for you. This course is rooted in the Chubbuck technique.  


"A Fringe Approach: Writing the Short Play for Festivals"

When: Beginning mid April 2022 

Cost: $250 per student 

Students who enroll in this six week intensive writing course will get to learn the fundamentals of story structure, dialogue, pace, and character development. Students will end the six weeks with a completed short play. Mastery of the skills in this class will lead to the student having a submittable script for the upcoming Tampa Bay Theatre Festival, and other festivals in the area. Additionally, we encourage students of all ages from 15 and up. We want to help nurture and develop the next generation of writers, no matter their age. Explore your most outlandish/fun story ideas with out the pressure to produce a full script! We hope you'll come play with us and tell some amazing short stories with us. This course is a great introduction to playwrighting and the submission process if you intended to take our Project Greenlight course this summer!  

"Project Greenlight: A Full-Length Playwriting Workshop" 

When: Beginning in June 2022

Cost: $400 per student 

This 12-week course will take your idea from inception to a completed draft.  You will learn a process emulated by successful playwrights across the world. Work one on one with industry professional mentors to develop rich characters and dialogue that will make your story memorable.  At the end of the 12- week workshop, professional actors will read your work aloud, before a panel of local theater producers eager for new work, helping emerging writers bring their stories to life.  

Private Lessons: LAB offers year round private sessions to artists interested in growing their practice as a theater artist. The content of these lessons are agreed upon by the instructor and the student. Possible content for private lessons might include audition preparation, monologue help, vocal coaching, character study, or even supplementing an actor's work on a particular show. Schedule for these lessons are agreed upon between student and instructor and are held at LAB. Cost for lessons are $50 per hour.