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"Ensemble Acting: Scene Study"

When: Beginning May 15, 2022. Classes are held Sundays from 6pm to 9 pm.

Cost: $50 per class.

Want a place to work out your acting muscles, grow your director skills?

Check out our Ensemble Acting program. 8 week sessions, 3X a year.

Do you remember your ensemble acting classes? When you learned as much from an instructor as from each other? You worked with new directors on scene work and expanded your knowledge and practice, well this new class at LAB is just that.


This class is open to all actors at any level of experience. In this class, each week the students will explore a scene, working with directors from the ensemble and preparing the scene for presentation to the ensemble. Actors and directors are encouraged to register. Through this work students will have the opportunity to apply their character study skills, script analysis skills, directing skills, as well as enhance their basic mechanics of acting.


Classes will meet Sunday nights starting at 6 pm lasting till 9 pm. This is a pay as you go class, but it does require pre-registration to attend each session. The cost per class is $50. We will hold the ensemble class for eight weeks. Students sign up for each session in advance so that scenes can be planned for and distributed to students before class sessions on Sunday evenings


Project Greenlight: A Full-Length Playwriting Workshop" 

When: Begin Monday June 6, 2022. Classes are held via zoom. 

Cost: $400 per student 

This 12-week course will take your idea from inception to a completed draft.  You will learn a process emulated by successful playwrights across the world. Work one on one with industry professional mentors to develop rich characters and dialogue that will make your story memorable.  At the end of the 12- week workshop, professional actors will read your work aloud, before a panel of local theater producers eager for new work, helping emerging writers bring their stories to life.  


Private Lessons: LAB offers year round private sessions to artists interested in growing their practice as a theater artist. The content of these lessons are agreed upon by the instructor and the student. Possible content for private lessons might include audition preparation, monologue help, vocal coaching, character study, or even supplementing an actor's work on a particular show. Schedule for these lessons are agreed upon between student and instructor and are held at LAB. Cost for lessons are $50 per hour.