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Season 5


July 9 - 26, 2020

Directed by: Caroline Jett 

Cast: Larry Corwin and Michael McGreevy

Story Line: A story of two brothers who were separated from each other very early in life.  The older brother has been waiting for the return of the other; while, the younger brother has no idea what happened until they finally meet. 

LIES by Jerry Slaff

November 5 - 22, 2020

Directed by: Pete Clapsis

Cast: William Statzer and Katherine Stenzel 

Story Line: Fresh out of law school, Benny, an inexperienced public defender, is facing the case of his life - trying to win the parole of a notorious German World War II radio propagandist who has a hard time telling the truth.  Or does she?  Are her truths all lies, or are her lies really the truth?  And what happens when you can no longer tell the two apart?  Set in 1950 but as timely as today's Washington tweets, LIES is an allegory about lying in government, and a meditation on what truth actually is.  

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