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Season 2

PLAID SKIRTS by Judy Zocchi

June 8 - 18, 2017

Directed by: Caroline Jett 

Cast: Roz Potenza, Michele Young, Samantha Parisi, John D. Hooper and Laurel Floen

Story Line: The Bishop has decided to close St. Francis Prep School. Adrienne, as faculty and former student, knows the school is still important and does good work, and she wants to find a way to keep it open. With her best friend Theresa, they call for help from Janey and Joey, two old friends from the high school days. The four friends have not been together in years, time and secrets pulled them apart so long ago, but Adrienne is desperate to save the school and willing to try anything. Suddenly the old gang is together again and old secrets, feelings, & questions start bubbling to the surface. While helping Hillary, a student locked in the chapel, make a difficult decision, the four must deal with their own secrets and feelings for each other, the school, faith, and life.

PRECIOUS THIEVES by Jared Eberlein

March 16 - 26, 2017

Directed by: Owen Robertson

Assistant Director: Julia Flick

Cast: Tom Scarritt, Shannon Ungerer, Jakob Nordstrom, Maryann Hernandez and Amanda Zappia 

Story Line: Two couples brought together by unusual circumstances must untangle the lies they have told each other to hide the past.  Cynthia and Richard have known each other for years in an on again off again affair.  Richard arrives to give it one more try; while Cynthia has invited Kelly and Thomas over to join her foundation and help them find relief from their own loss. As the evening unfolds, it is discovered that Richard and Cynthia aren't who they seem and the race is on to reveal the truth.

Directed by: Owen Robertson

Cast: Lisa Brave, Jeff M. Lucas and Eddie Gomez 

Story Line: Toby Townsend is a vet who suffers from PTSD and has had a traumatic brain injury that was self-inflicted while he was serving in Iraq.  He has been under the care of his sister, Marsha, for the last 8 years. The military has abandoned them and when Bobby Pierce, Toby’s enlistment buddy and childhood friend, comes home trying to find forgiveness for not bringing Toby home safe, a secret love is discovered. A story about the power of love and forgiveness, about living and loving.  It is ultimately a journey of hope.

TOBY'S GAME by Owen Robertson

November 3 - 13, 2016

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