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Auditions at LAB

Auditions for each show in our season are typically held 4 months prior to the opening date of the performance.
For general inquires about auditions, please email
For specific inquires of our currently scheduled auditions,
please read the notice below.  

Thank you for your interest!

LAB is currently holding auditions  

Monday, November 13 & Wednesday, November 15, 2023

6:30 – 9:00pm.

812 E. Henderson Avenue. Tampa, FL 33602


LAB will be holding auditions for the first two shows of 2024.

We are not announcing the play's titles until November 11,

at our annual gala, but auditions adhere to no schedule & must proceed.



Both shows are based on historical events.

These are two exciting new works that LAB is very proud to premiere for our 9th season.

Come be a part of bringing new works to life and put your stamp on a role for the first time ever.

Show #1, runs from Feb 22 - Mar 10, 2024.  Director: Owen Robertson


Setting:  New Orleans, 1973


In brief without giving, it away:  On a summer evening in 1973, a sanctuary bar for working-class homosexual men is set ablaze, while nearby, many women, including a young nursing student, are taken into custody for lewd and lascivious conduct of dancing together at a notorious lesbian bar.  The young student's parents do everything in their power to curtail the impact of their daughter’s transgression on their seemingly near-perfect lives.


Roles: 2 M, 3 W          

SYDNEY (SYD) TRAHAN:  Female, 19-year-old, nurse, smart, free-thinking, independent.


HELEN TRAHAN:  Female, Late 30s. Syd’s mother, and the glue of the family, housewife, loving mother, wife, and Christian woman.


ROBERT (BUD) TRAHAN:  Male, Early 40s Syd’s father, a blacksmith, hardworking, simple but not dumb, sees right to the truth and accepts it.


BEVERLY LARSON:  Female, Early 40s Christian housewife, devoted to her faith, mother, wife of Beau, not open to the changing world. 


BEAUREGARD (BEAU) LARSON:  Male, 40s, Beverly’s husband, also devoted to his faith, and his wife, lets his beliefs guide him and his actions.


Show #2, runs from May 2 – 19, 2024.  Director: Katie Calahan


Setting:  Chicago, 1914


In brief without giving, it away: Infamous and iconic American architect, Frank Llyod Wright desperately wants to discover the fate of his unorthodox family following the devasting news of a fire, but the journey to reach them will take him half a day clinging to hope in the most awkward of company.


Roles: 3 M, 1 W                      

MARY EVELYN BROOKS:  30-something.  An almost beautiful, well-dressed young lady, a journalist for the Chicago Tribune, resilient but not plucky; smart, but doesn’t necessarily lead with that. Trying to be confident, succeeding sometimes. Trying not to be starstruck, succeeding sometimes.


FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT: (47) The self-centered, eccentric architect at the height of his scandalous love affair with a client’s wife. At this point in his career, each project he completes could be the one that makes him truly world-famous. But none of them are.


EDWIN CHENEY: (45) An engineer with Wagner Electric, he is a methodical businessman and practical inventor. On a six-hour train ride with the man, a noted architect, who stole his wife three years prior. He is not an artist. Or a genius. He knows his limits.





If you have questions about either show, contact Owen Robertson at

We look forward to seeing you at the auditions!

Equal Employment Opportunity is a fundamental principle at LAB, where employment is based on personal capabilities and qualifications without discrimination because of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, citizenship, religion, disability, military status, or any other trait or characteristic protected by law.  This Equal Employment Opportunity applies to all policies and procedures relating to recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, termination and all other terms and conditions of employment.  

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