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We are a professional theater company focused on the development of new works and new artists.

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Bringing new works to life

LAB's 2023 Season

Window 2023 LAB LAUGHS (13 x 19 in).png
LAB Laughs: An Evening of Comedic Shorts
Directed by Caroline Jett & Owen Robertson
January 19 - 22 2023
Ensemble 2022 LAB LAUGHS (1000 x 695 px).png
by Paula Fell 
March 2 - 19 ,2023
Directed by Caroline Jett                          

“With a nod to the bawdiness of The Canterbury Tales and a heavy dose of subversive humor, The Rooster’s Tale addresses the dangers of being different, cancel culture, and how a rooster lays an egg.”

Medieval peasants Margery and Peter have their hands full keeping up the farm, especially with the village full of vile rumors about their sweet but naïve son, and with their daughter, a nun with a bad attitude and a worse glower.  When Margery’s favorite rooster, Henry, unexpectedly (to say the least) and mysteriously lays an egg, the bloviating local mayor insists on putting Henry – and the egg! – on trial for consorting with the devil!  Can the poor couple act fast enough to save their farm, protect their children (and Henry), and maybe make a little extra on the side?

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Pub Card Rooster's Tale (4 × 5.5 in) (6).png
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Pub Card Rooster's Tale (4 × 5.5 in) (9).png
Pub Card Rooster's Tale (4 × 5.5 in) (8).png

Larry Corwin 

Ricardo Fernandez

Nathan Juliano

Karena Stanley

Ursula Trasorras

Rachel Stidham

The Rooster's Tale.png
Zombie Beach.png
ZOMBIE BEACH: The Musical!
March 30 - April 8, 2023
Directed by Suzy Devore
Music Direction by Miles Randolph

In a faraway beach town, somewhere unheard of in Southern California, during a summer of fun, a summer of love, a strange incident occurred that would change the lives of Beebee and Freddie forever.  If not for them, it might have changed all our lives.

Come experience the love of the living and the hunger of the dead.

Laugh and sing with us as we frolic in a forgotten time on

Zombie Beach.

Ahead of its time when it was first conceived in 2012, this NEW mashup musical brings together '60s Beach Movies, Zombies, and Punk Rock. 

by Laura Hirschberg
Directed by Owen Robertson

May 4 - 21,2023

Prometheus steals the fire of the gods and gives it to Man.  But as the flame of inspiration spreads, there are consequences--in the Hall of the Gods and on the earth below.  Exiled from his home and pursued by gods and monsters, Prometheus weaves his way through human history, cultivating art and invention.  But as the centuries wind on, Prometheus begins to realize the cost of creation, the risks of inspiration, and what must be sacrificed for the sake of progress.







Fire Thief Flyer (8.5 × 11 in) (3).png



Fire Thief  (1).png
DRIFT (1).png
by Patrick Gabridge
ected by Gigi Jennewein

September 7 - 24, 2023

Two very different farm families are intertwined after a deadly incident of pesticide drift.  Two wives, Nora and Molly are caught between holding on to what was lost and moving forward.  

Donna DeLonay.jpg

Donna DeLonay

Miranda Myers.jpg

Joaquin Bermudez

Miranda Myers

CarolineJett_Headshot_Image5 (1).jpg

Caroline Jett


Really fun and interesting piece.  Recommend fully .  ~ E. Walby

Really fun performance.  ~ D. Petito

St Pete Catalyst logo.PNG
by Jared Eberlein
Directed by Owen Robertson

November 2 - 19, 2023

For Burton Quinn, the opening night of an extremely “out-of-town” production of The Delightfully Dead Kinsman in Binghamton, New York, is an ambitious return to the Broadway musical that nearly made him famous four decades earlier. Certainly, the material still holds magic for Burton, even though he has graduated from theromantic lead to the patriarchal role and now must share a dressing room with the very green Billy Caulfield, Kinsman's new leading man. Technical difficulties delay the curtain, though, prolonging Billy's nervous agony and bringing hope to Burton that Tovah—his wife and good luck charm—might still arrive on time. When Burton’s estranged son, John, arrives instead, with news that Tovah is leaving the marriage, the earth stands still, then shatters at Burton’s feet. John demands his father, for once, choose people who care for him, over a mistress—the theatre—that has always taken and never given back.  

Join Us For A 
Talkback With The Playwright After The Show Friday, 11/17

November 2 - 19, 2023
November 16 - 30, 2023
Heir of Pretending (3).png

David Malloy

Editor in Chief

R Fernandez Image.jpg

Ricardo Fernandez

Editor in Chief


Mandy Keen

Assistant Manager

Promo Shots (10-1-23)-3.jpg

James Skinner

Programming Editor

Copy of 20220108_201852_edited_edited_ed

Cas Albert Hardy

Art Director

LAB's 2024 Season

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Fly Away Home (Ticket).png
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More Show Details and Ticket Purchases Will Be Available Soon.
Bringing new works to life
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