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LAB's 2022 Season

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SOUP by David Zarko
February 24 - March 13, 2022
Directed by Kara Gold-Harris                       

In what seems like a perfect solution, Fran’s energetic friends, Isabel and Ignacio, bring Felicity in to take care of Fran when she is laid up with a broken foot. Alan, Fran’s serious-minded lawyer son, isn’t so sure about the arrangement, especially after it comes out that Felicity is homeless and has a checkered past. It’s up to Fran to bring the two of them together, in what her mother’s instincts tell her might work out to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Mary Kay Cyrus

Suzy Duic

Pamela Wilson-Caruthers

Robert Dox

Larry Corwin

by Philip Middleton Williams 
April 28 - May 15, 2022
Directed by Caroline Jett                          

Dave and Pete Granger, age 17, are twin brothers in rural Ohio in 1970. Dave enlists in the Army as a combat medic and is sent to Vietnam.  Pete, a piano prodigy and gay, goes to Canada to pursue his education in music and avoids the draft.  Their parents; Hal, a veteran of the Korean War, and Deb, a nurse, are left to deal with the consequences of their sons’ actions and their future as a family.  Over the next five years, their lives are changed forever by the war and the choices each of them has made.

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Heather Cole

Ricardo Fernandez

Nathan Juliano

Tyler Wood

Book by James Rayfield
Lyrics & Music by Mike Deeson 

July 7  - 24, 2022 
Directed by Owen Robertson
Music Direction by Miles Randolph


Ruth Ann and Earl are young and in love and decide to join their lives in marriage. But this is a story that rides on the melodies of country music so, they do not live happily ever after, instead they face starting a family, struggling with their jobs, and the heartbreak of infidelity.  Their youthful love is intense and deep, but marriage changes many things. Ruth Ann gives all she can to raising a child and being a wife, but Earl is trapped in a thankless job and has a roving eye that finds the women who hang out at the Dew Drop Inn most attractive. What’s a wife to do when she has a cheating husband? How many times can she take him back? Can they renew their past love? Country music was made to tell this story.

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Lance Felton
Kristy E. Pike
It started with a kiss (1).png
Creating Monsters (3).png
by Owen Robertson
August 25 - September 11, 2022
Directed by Roz Potenza
Assistant Director - Katherine Yacko


It is 1816, the Year without a Summer, and the greatest ghost story of all time is about to begin. But in order for that to happen, Mary must work through her self-doubts of womanhood, her place as a writer, her conflict with her dead mother, and Claire, always Claire there in her life, not to mention Percy, the ultimate bad boy Byron, and the boyish advances of Dr. John Polidori. Tucked away in Byron's villa in Switzerland, these five people are present at the inception of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein.


Discover how a young girl becomes an independent woman, a free thinker for the ages, navigates a complicated love life, and establishes herself as one of the greatest female storytellers of all time.

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Cody Farkas

Emma Hurlburt headshot.jpeg

Emma Hurlburt

Shaun Memmel_img_7139.jpg

Shaun Memmel

Newt Rametta_IMG_4500.jpeg

Newt Rametta

Maurice Parker Headshot.jpg

Maurice Parker

by Andra Laine Hunter 
October 20 - November 6, 2022
Directed by Katie Calahan                                                         OCTOBER 20 - NOVEMBER 6, 2022
                           NOVEMBER 3 - 17, 2022

Mary-Larkin just wants a glimpse into her future--just a tiny peek of what her life is gonna be. But when she makes a deal with Granny Binding to tell her fate, there are strings attached: She's bound to a tragic path that means she'll run away and leave her three baby girls to fend for themselves in the wild, lonesome holler of a terrible, greedy God. When Laurel, Lily, and Lilac come of age, they, too, must face Granny Binding's powerful magic. Spiders and snakes converge on their tiny cabin, and the howl of the death-dog haunts their dreams. Can the sisters counter Granny's dark workings with nascent powers of their own, or are they doomed to live out their lives like sister nuns?

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De Barros

Emma Hurlburt headshot.jpeg



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St. Clair

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** Patrons who are sensitive regarding spiders, please be aware there are several visual and auditory effects enhancing the presence of spiders throughout the performance.

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Bringing new works to life
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